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Help: FAQ for Employers

Answers to your questions about Gigajob

spacer Is Gigajob FREE to use even for employers?
spacer Yes, it is. You can use Gigajob without having to pay anything at all. At Gigajob basic ads are always free of charge. Additionally we are offering Plus ads for a small fee. You can find the details in the Gigajob product list.
spacer Can I have as many free active ads in Gigajob as I want?
spacer Yes, you can. Right now we don't have any restrictions, as long as your ads comply with our rules.
spacer Please read our rules for job ads!
spacer How long are my job offers active for?
spacer All Gigajob ads are active for 30 days. You can extend the run time of your ad at any time by clicking „My job offers“. For Plus ads you will have to issue another payment, basic ads are always free of charge.
spacer Oops! Seems I have violated your rules and now my account is banned. What can I do to get reconsidered?
spacer Sorry, banning is permanent. Better stick to spacer the rules.
spacer I have so many ads that I would like to publish on Gigajob. Do you offer any method for mass upload?
spacer Sorry, not at this time.
spacer I'm new to Gigajob—how can I register for free?
spacer Simply click “Register” in the bar on the top right corner of the page, fill in the form and submit. You will receive an email with a confirmation link to click—and you're registered.
spacer How does Gigajob work for employers?
spacer After completing your free registration, post all your ads . Interested users will be able to find your ads quickly and easily on Gigajob.
spacer How do I find job seeker profiles (CV)?
spacer First switch to "Find CVs" mode. Job seeker profiles can be found with the search functions on the top of the start page. Type the job you're offering into “What?” and the place in “Where?”. Hit the "Find CVs" button and you'll get a results list with all resumes appropriate to your search.
spacer How do I get in contact with an applicant?
  1. Send a Contact Request:
    Let the job seeker know that you are interested in their profile. Send the ad owner a Contact Request via the button “Contact Now”. This will invite the job seeker to have a look at your job opening.
  2. How they view it
    Your contact request will be sent to the job seeker. They can then accept or decline your request. This step is taken by Gigajob to protect the candidate's and the job poster's identity at an early stage.
  3. When your request is accepted
    Once the job seeker has accepted your Contact Request, the contact details will be made available for both parties. You will find the contact data in your contact center. The further contact will take place via email.
spacer How can "Free Email Alerts" help me to keep track of new postings?
spacer You didn't immediately find the right offer? New ads are being published in Gigajob all the time. We can instantly send you an email whenever somebody posts an offer that matches your search profile. On all Gigajob search results pages you'll find a link called “Create Email Alert” in the right column. One click on that link — and your search is saved. We'll send you the latest jobs and resumes on a constant basis. This service is free and can be cancelled at any time with just one click.
spacer What's my password again?
spacer Please click “Sign in” (or "Register") at the top right of the page and follow the link "Forgot your Gigajob Password?" Then enter your email address and click “Submit”. You will receive an email with a password-reset link, which you can click to enter a new password.
Important: The password-reset link is only valid for 2 hours. If the deadline passes, you will have to have a new email sent.
spacer The password-reset email I requested didn't come. What can I do?
spacer Repeat the same process to be certain it worked: Please click “Sign in” (or "Register") at the top right of the page again and follow the link "Forgot your Gigajob Password?" Then enter your email address and hit the “Submit” button. Please make sure your email address is typo-free. You should receive the email with the password-reset link. It's also possible that the email is in your spam folder. Please check the folder, adjust your settings accordingly, or enter another email address in the field.
spacer How can I change my access data (password/email address)?
spacer You must be logged in to change any data. When you are logged in, you see "My Dashboard" in the top right corner of every Gigajob page. Please click it to get to your settings. There you'll find the option to change your password or email address.
spacer How can I de-register from Gigajob?
spacer You must be logged in to do that. Click on "MY Dashboard" in the top right corner of any Gigajob page. Please click it to get to your settings. There you'll find the option "Cancel Membership".
Note: You cannot login again after you cancel your Gigajob membership. Your data and ads will be permanently deleted.
spacer ... I didn't find the answer to my question.
spacer Send us a message. The Gigajob team is here to help.
spacer ... I found a mistake.
spacer We're always working on Gigajob and looking to improve our website. We appreciate any tips you have.
spacer ... I have a suggestion for an improvement.
spacer We already have a long To Do list, but naturally we're happy to know that our users are thinking about and helping us to make Gigajob even better! Send us your suggestion.